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Vehicle Branding

Our vehicle wrapping specialties cover both custom wraps for individuals and corporate branding for businesses. We offer full vehicle wraps, half wraps and vehicle graphic designs. Vehicle branding fitment and application takes place at our main branch situated Johannesburg

We provide our clients with an outstanding experience as our quality vehicle wrapping is done completely in-house by our specialised team; taking our clients from the designing process through to the end process of fitment and application on the vehicle.
Custom Vehicle wrapping for individuals:

Vehicle wrapping for your car can improve the appearance of your vehicle or make you stand out from the crowd. Vehicle wrapping will not damage your car’s paint and can be safely removed if needed. Our team can assist you with a design if you do not have one already.

Corporate Vehicle branding:
We assist businesses in vehicle branding from one vehicle to a fleet of vehicles. This type of advertising is one of the most cost effective advertising methods available. If your company’s vehicle/s are on the road driving, in traffic or parked somewhere, your brand gains more and more exposure. This makes it more effective than other types of advertising. Not only does it create a reliable image of the business, but it makes your business stand out from your competition with personalised vehicles.
Corporate Vehicle Branding can be used for short-term promotions or long-term brand awareness. The type of branding your vehicle/s will require depends on your company’s marketing strategy, your budget and your businesses target market. We can assist your business with full wraps, half wraps, vehicle stickers and vehicle signs.

The different factors that contribute to Vehicle Branding design:
What does the vehicle’s surface look like: corrugated, uneven or flat. Will it be a full colour print. Will you require lamination or spot colors (vinyl-cut out). Is it a full colour wrap or only partial branding (the surface to be covered)

The material we use:
We use different kinds of vinyl and will depend on the requirements of the client. On the windows of the vehicles we apply contra-vision; known as one-way vision. This type of vinyl allows you to clearly look through the vehicles windows from inside the vehicle, but people outside the vehicle will not be able to look inside through the vinyl on the window. This vinyl cannot be laminated. Read more about contra-vision here.

How to request a quote:
A quote can be requested through by sending a photo of the vehicle you would like to brand and the potential design for the vehicle.

If you do not have a design, send a photo of the vehicle you would like to brand with an explanation of the idea you have in mind, the wording, images, company colours and logos to For quotation purposes we will supply you with a design that we will use to base our quotation on.

You are welcome to bring your vehicle to our Pretoria branch where our vehicle branding team will be able to assist you with a design and a quote.

Pricing for Vehicle Branding?
Pricing depends on the type of vinyl we will use, the amount of full colour photos, placement of graphics on the vehicle etc. and therefor we require the potential design with the vehicles picture before we can give a quote.
Our vehicle wrapping prices range from R450 to R1200 per square meter depending on the vinyl used.
There are 3 major categories when it comes to vehicle branding, namely Vehicle Wraps, Vinyl Cut-Out and Printed and Cut-out. These categories have different pricing structures, below are links to previous work we have done, divided up into the 3 categories.

Vehicle Wrapping Cut-Out Vinyl Branding Combination of Printed and Cut-Out Vinyl

Process duration after accepting our quote:
Before we start the layout of the design we require a 50% deposit. Within two working days of we receiving the deposit we will provide you with the layout design (if we have received the layout artwork from you). If you do not have a potential design layout yet and we need to provide one for you, it will take longer than two days.

When the artwork is approved it will take 5 working days to prepare the wrapping. We will book a date with you after the 5 working days, where you will need to bring your vehicle to our Pretoria branch where the branding will take place.
Majority of the time we will need at least 7 hours to do the branding. Our clients usually leave their vehicle for the day.

To get an idea of the time we require to complete the branding:
for every R 5 000 quoted, you can expect a full business day for fitment and application. For example if your quote is R 14 800 it will be equal to 3 full days for the fitment and application.
When we have completed the process, you will be notified. We require full payment of the invoice before we release the vehicle.

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