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Cast Vinyl is premium grade. It starts life out as a liquid which is then allowed to spread into a very thin layer. Cast Vinyl have no stretch ‘memory’ and are stable which leads to minimal shrinkage. Cast vinyl is thinner and softer which means it is easier to cut, weed and apply. It is highly conformable to substrate details such as curves, rivets and textures. It is therefore the preferred option for extreme exterior applications, particularly Vehicle Wraps.

  • Suitable for long term applications
  • Highly Conformable
  • Resistant to Shrinkage
  • Resistant to Fading
  • Resistant to Chemicals

Polymeric Vinyl have added polymers to reduce shrinkage, however they are still not as stable and durable as cast vinyls. Polymeric Vinyls are suitable for exterior applications where there are no surface irregularities and as such are a cost effective alternative to cast vinyls when the application is suitable. Suitable for Medium & Long term Applications Ideal for use on flat, uncomplicated surfaces Resistant to Shrinkage Resistant to Fading


Monomeric Vinyl are the least expensive. They have the least stable chemical make-up of the different vinyl films and are therefore highly susceptible to shrinkage and peeling. However, in the right short-term scenario Monomeric vinyls are an extremely cost-effective way to raise brand awareness and display graphics. Suitable for short-term applications In-expensive


Very popular for a variety of applications including; fabric frames, exhibition system skins, table cloths, clothing, flags, umbrellas, upholstery, cushion covers and a multitude more.

Fabric printing, either direct or through a heat transfer process known as dye sublimation produces prints of stunning quality and boldness. Modern print textiles are much lighter than traditional PVC based substrates and much safer with regards to fire retardation and chemical toxicity.

Fabric printing is ideal for indoor applications and limited outdoor use, use colour fastness is not as long as traditional substrates.


This variant of self adhesive vinyl is perforated, with an adhesive side and a printable side. Contravision is typically used in applications where clear visibility is required through one side of the print, and full colour printing on the other side. Typical applications would include vehicle windscreens and shop windows.


Poster paper is a glossy type paper that comes in all sizes and shapes. Unlike other types of paper, poster paper is water proof and does not crinkle up when wet or when glue is applied. 

Poster paper is a little thicker than normal paper or construction paper, but is more durable.


Custom Wallpaper designed and printed to your requirements. Make your room or internal space reflect your individual style. At Brandbuild we print and install custom wallpapers for individual residences, large installations for Museums, Corporate clients and everything in between.

Each job is individual so we work with our clients to ensure that the completed product fits the brief. We will carry out a site visit to ensure that all factors are considered and advise clients of any additional factors that need to be considered before embarking Our in-house design team can assist with any design work that is required and we employ specialist installation teams to professionally install your custom wallpapers.


We offer advanced technology combined with expertise across a wide range of PVC substrates enabling us to implement all of your PVC printing requirements. Our different media formats including PVC billboards, building wraps (both mesh & PVC), pull up banners, display graphics and light boxes. Once completed, our experienced application teams will convert and install the prints for you across the country.
Typical applications include; banners, billboards, large span signage, event table cloths, promo kiosk wraps, pull up banners and tension banners. PVC is a long life substrate, typically outlasting the ink. PVC can be joined, stitched and eyeleted, but cannot be die cut. 

Features: Manufactured in South Africa Single sided, Blockout PVC or PVC Mesh available Printed with eco-solvent inks Supplied with eyelets and rope Ideal for Sporting Events and Outdoor Shows

Specifications: Size can be customised to your specifications

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