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Wallpaper Printing

Custom wallpaper printing has grown in popularity for both residential and retail interiors.

We supply a wide range of customers, from interior decorators to corporate’s and domestic clients.

Our prints is something we are really proud of, printed on printable wall media sourced in Germany, the final printed product will turn any bland space into a inspiration.

Large blank walls can now be turned into works of art with our fine art print quality.

  • Our wallpapers are well priced and discounts are available for large installations.
  • We offer a wide range of finishes and textures for every possible application and have expert teams who can install our wallpapers in the most demanding environments.
  •  At Rocketsigns we use only the latest cutting-edge eco-solvent inks to produce environmentally friendly wallpapers with no awful solvent smells.
  • Please be in touch we will be delighted to help!
Event Branding

Companies that focus exclusively on online branding miss out on the branding potential of live events.Successfully branded events make an impact and motivate your customers and prospects to take action.

Specialist experience and expertise.

For event branding to be successful you need specialist expertise. Rocket Signs have a talented, creative team with relevant indoor and outdoor arena, venue, event and retail branding experience. We offer a multitude of quality branded materials from Way finding boards to large, wide format branded backdrops.

Full service from design to installation.

In consultation with you we come up with fresh, sustainable branding options. Plus we handle everything, including hard and soft signage, digital signage and print design to manufacturing and install.

Event branding product examples.

  • Accessories.
  • Banners.
  • Custom branding.
  • Pre-Event Marketing solutions.
  • Brand Marketing signage.
  • Flags.
  • Portable shade.
  • Promotional clothing and giveaways.
  • Stage scrims.
  • Correx & Foam board Way finding signs
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Offset Lithography printing (Litho)

The inked image is transferred from a printing plate to a rubber blanket and then the image is transferred again to the paper. Generally the printing will be done out of the standard four-colour process. This means that the artwork is separated onto four different printing plates and each plate prints a specific single colour – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Together these colours combine to create a full-colour print. Occasionally additional printing plates might also be added to print spot colours. These may be special inks such as fluorescent or metallic or a specific Pantone ink that matches a corporate colour. Similarly, there might be fewer colours used such as two-colour printing where only two specified colours will be printed, and because only two printing plates are being made this is cheaper than four-colour litho.

The Low Down on Litho Printing

• A significant area of cost is attributed to ‘making ready’ the job – ie the cost and time involved in making the plates and in running the ‘spare’ material that is required until all the plate images are in register and the job can be run. However, once this is done the cost per copy will be cheaper than digital printing on longer printing runs (ie 2k up on flat work and 1k up on brochures)
• Printing is not limited to four colour process – special or spot inks can be included to enhance the item.
• Litho printing is much better for large areas of solid single colour. The colour comes out smoother and no pixels can be seen. (Remember to add a ‘shiner’ under solid black to make the colour deeper and more intense!)
• The introduction of computer to plate making (CTP) has resulted in quicker plate making and modern computer controlled presses can speed up the process of colour control and getting plates into accurate register.

The High Fives of Litho Printing

• As above, a significant area of cost is attributed to making ready the job – ie the cost and time involved in making the plates and in running the ‘spare’ material that is required until all the plate images are in register and the job can be run. Therefore litho printing is not suitable for short-run printing as it is not cost-effective.
• The turnaround time is longer with litho, usually a 5 working day average. This is because time has to be allowed for the ink to completely dry before finishing and longer run jobs have to be scheduled to run on the bigger litho presses.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a four colour process reproduction method that uses electronic files (such as PDF artwork) and dots of colour to produce an image using toner or ink. Unlike litho printing no printing plates are required and there is less waste of chemicals and paper because no ‘make-ready’ is required.

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What does Brandbuild deliver to you?

The six million dollar question! Here are just a few compelling reasons why you can trust us with your printing.

  • We have been supplying print since 2002 and we know a thing or two about it!

  • We were the first all eco online printing company in South Africa and remain committed to the environment and providing quality eco-friendly products.

  • Our delivery is free Johannesburg addresses with a few exceptions to the more remote areas.

  • We send you a free PDF proof of your artwork and ‘pre-flight check’ it beforehand. If we spot any sort of problem we will let you know when we send you your proofs.

  • We are confident that we offer an unrivalled product range – there must be something here that suits your requirements! If not, just call us on 073 625 5637, email or use our very handy Custom Quote Form at the top and bottom of every page. We will be happy to give you a bespoke printing price in the blink of an eye (or 24 hours, whichever is sooner!).

  • When you have a question we have real people and an excellent Customer Service team on hand to help you out.

  • Take advantage of our full in-house design services. Take the faff out of flyers and the lethargy out of leaflets; after a chin wag with one of our designers you will be confident that we will hit your brief.

  • We supply free Sample Packs to help you make the right decision for your print and design

  • We take real pride in printing your products and always aim to deliver the very best quality at a fair price.

  • Fill your basket and enjoy Loyalty Points on every order, towards money off your favourite Brandbuild products.

  • We may be a national print company now, but we remember our humble roots as a printer in Johannebsurg and treat all of our customers as locals

  • No Hidden Extras!
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