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about us


Our goal is to enable any small to midsize business to find their voice and be able to effectively communicate with their clients. With the use of our premium professionally designed templates and our easy to use online design studio, anyone can create the perfect media to increase exposure for their company. Brandbuild is always updating our catalog of templates so please bookmark our site and check back often for the latest designs to effectively promote your business.

Print is not only the core of our name, it is the core of what we do. BrandBuild is built from the ground up utilizing the most current printing and finishing equipment in the industry. This allows us to achieve fantastic quality day in and day out. Combine this with our triple quality compliance process where each job is visually inspected before it moves on to the next step and you can see why businesses everywhere trust BrandBuild as their print service provider of choice for all their marketing and promotional printing needs. 

All of this fantastic design and amazing quality must take a long time right? Not when you use the marketing and print experts at BrandBuild. We understand that to be successful in business, you have to be ready when the time is right and can’t be delayed by slow print service providers. We immediately begin work on your project as soon as your job is submitted through BrandBuild, with some of the fastest average production times in the industry, we can have many products ready to ship the next day if need be. Just imagine your brilliant marketing idea you had over the weekend can be a reality by midweek. 

We offer a wide range of products to both manage and market your business, such as stationery, marketing materials, signage and specialty products, as well as graphic design/marketing and mailing services. 

Flyers are one of the most versatile and ubiquitous marketing materials available to small and medium size businesses. Posting flyers on community bulletin boards, passing them out to customers, using them as a leave-behind when door-to-door marketing, or including them as part of a mailer are all great ways to get noticed by local community members. Additionally, because they are so cost effective, they can be used to promote events very inexpensively. Special offers also are great for flyer marketing. Using multiple versions of flyers can be a great way to test your marketing message. Order two versions of your flyer with different wording, headlines, or graphics, distribute them with coupon codes and see which flyer receives a greater response. This is a great way to tell what your future customers are interested in.


  • To serve our clients with honesty, respect and fairness.
  • To be proactive and a company which is simple for building a relationship since we believe that our future would remain bright with the absolute contentment of our customers.
  • To be trustworthy to our promises and offer a practical solution to the requirements.
  • To develop a culture that would speak of a remarkable performance, growth and leadership skills.
  • To encourage a better way to grow.
  • To promote the best use of our available resources through our services and products.

Why Printing with BrandBuild South africa

  •  Your queries or needs are always considered even when there are too many things to deal with.
  •  With us, your designs remains secured and can be reworked upon.
  •  We assure better quality standards even when the quantity is large for us to handle.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals are truly the best among others to deliver you with better results , contentment proficiently.
  •  We suggest you with details for creating prints at its best.


  • To always remain pacing ahead smoothly with innovation, technology and printing methodologies in order to offer our customers with an earnest and a unique experience like never before.
  • To penetrate the market across the nation and many parts of the globe by evolving to be one of the best company to offer print solutions.
  • To help our clients to earn a recognition in their area of expertise by enabling them to represent their brand to the greatest extent.


  • To offer the best in class printing services without any compromise on quality or turnaround time.
  • To stay updated with the modern breakthroughs of technology from time to time in order to serve effectively.
  • To emerge as an eco-friendly, socially responsible company and reduce waste by making additions to every stage of the print process.


  • We value and are constantly on the look out of the interest of our customers. Your queries or needs are always considered even when there are too many things to deal with.
  • With us, your designs remains secured and can be reworked upon. Our designing team uses licensed and improved versions of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw and many more that eliminates the chances of data from getting corrupted. In addition, data can be retrieved for better improvements from the backups taken regularly.
  • We assure better quality standards even when the quantity is large for us to handle. It is better to rectify problems than correct them later in the future.
  • Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals are truly the best among others to deliver you with better results , contentment proficiently.
  • We suggest you with details for creating prints at its best.
  • We always stay productive by implementing the latest technologies and upgrading ourselves with the up to the minute machines. Some are fully automated to process more within less time effortlessly.
  • Regardless of the project or the size of the investment, our dedication is always consistent and above 100%
  • A corporate policy is never kept hidden by us. Our belief rests in dealing business together with you.
  • Quality control is never forgotten no matter how huge the order might be.
  • Our relationship doesn’t end after your needs have been dispatched. We are always happy to know about how much we have helped you to emboss your brand in the industry throughout these time and also way ahead.
  • The mode of payment with us is simple and secure. Once the project cost is approved, a particular number is assigned to you through which we recognize your payment made through payment gateways.

company mission

In order to be the first choice of printers in the eyes of our customers we have identified the key areas in which we must thrive, develop and grow as an organization to guarantee an excellent level of service and client satisfaction. These are namely:

Culture: To create and sustain a positive and friendly environment for customers and employees to interact, learn and grow by encouraging creative thinking and using initiative to solve problems

Development: Nurture an on-going learning and growth system so that people and processes are continuously improving by providing the right motivation, resources and credit to drive people to thrive in every area

Adding Value: Using innovative ideas to continuously break new ground in our market and areas of expertise so that we are providing the best possible service and adding the most value to products and people


Our values are what guides our decisions as a company and gives us the motivation to do the things that we do in the way that we do them.

Team work: Good teams can accomplish more and do better than individuals, If we are to do great things we must build great teams

Reliability: A stern focus on our priorities and doing what needs to be done

Social Responsibility: For a company to move forward it must remember where it started and give back to the community that helped it to grow

Creativity: Nurturing an environment of unique thinking

Diversity: Doing our best to provide something for everyone

Innovation: Planning for success in an unpredictable environment

Quality: To do all that we do to the very best of our ability

People: Build lasting relationships by treating every person as unique and important

Integrity: Not willing to compromise on our values, but to stay true to what we stand for

Honour: To respect those in authority and treat others higher than ourselves

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